Area In Square meter (Approx.)
Sr. No. Section Unit-I Unit-II Total Area
1 Parenteral Preparation-Liquid 88.81 153.29 242.10
2 Packaging Department 185.806 92.903 278.70
3 Raw and Packaging material warehouse - 1001.68 1001.68
4 Finished goods Warehouse 102.65 - 102.65
5 Otic Preparation Area 27.87 - 27.87
6 Quality Control - 232.25 232.25

Nature of Construction
* The manufacturing premises has RCC(reinforced concrete cement)
* Walls are made smooth, free from pinholes, painted with synthetic enamel to enable washing and cleaning
* The production area floors are Kota stone with epoxy coated
* Main doors are provided with air curtains
* For better illumination the brick walls are supplemented with glass window which are of fixed nature.
* The sanitary fitting are concealed and drainage system is under ground with Nhani trap to prevent ingress of insects/vermin.
* Insect Killer and air curtains are provided at various entry point.
* Doors and windows are made up of metallic frames with glass window anddouble glass windows flushed with walls.