• Our raw water source consists of 2 wells, owned by us, about 2 Km away from the factory.
  • The water tankers are stored to RCC tank and treated with alum and hydrochloride solution. After Q.C release it is to be transferred to RCC tank No.3 passing through sand filter
  • The water in this under ground tank is subjected to hypochlorite treatment and then pumped to sand bed and charcoal filter and then passed through Purified water plant and mixed bed.
  • Water from mixed bed is then passed through 40 μ, 20 μ & 10 μ cartridge filters in series, before collection in S.S. 316 tank.
  • Stored Purified Water is circulated continuously via a loop system of S.S. 316 pipe, initially subjected to online UV sanitation. This loop serves all users points and returns unused water to the storage tank.
  • Sanitation of the supply loop is carried out by pure steam on periodic basis.
  • WFI is generated from a multi column distillation plant (200 Lts. / hour and 300 Lts. / hr. capacity).
  • The feed water (PURIFIED Water) conductivity is maintained below One Micro Siemens.
  • Only the required quantity of the WFI for immediate use is obtained from the plant and is collected in a 316 quality stainless jacketed vessel,maintaining the WFI Temperature at more than 800 C and circulated via a S.S.loop system. This loop serves all user points and returns unused WFI to the storage tank. Cleaning and Sanitization of storage tanks and loop system is done periodically
  • The water is tested on daily for chemical purity and BET, at fixed interval for microbilogical test. Refer Annexure II (b) for flow diagram of WFI / Purified water system

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